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As we all know that the whole world is becoming digital, where everyone is spending time on social media and e-commerce platforms for their needs. People are not just buying products online, even the services and the education industry has been drastically transitioned from offline to online within a few months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gone are the days when teachers had to be physically present to teach their students.

As it is said that there is always something positive to every negative situation. Though everyone is suffering from pandemic, this pandemic has taught us the value of life and family. People are spending time with their families and also the concept of working from home has become a new normal. 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and so are the communication platforms and channels used by the companies to reach their audience. This arises the need to upgrade your skills and knowledge so as to remain competent enough to sustain the market or in the professional world.

Choosing the right digital marketing training

In this digital age, everyone is willing to learn and acquire new skills but the confusion is from where to start with? Nowadays, there is so much content available over the internet that people are perplexed as to which course to opt and start with. 

Everyone has started to educate themselves through various digital marketing courses. But before enrolling for any course, you need to make sure that the structure of that course suits your needs. Whether you’ll be provided an opportunity to work on live projects because that way you will be able to implement your knowledge practically. 

Even I was anxious about:-


How to learn digital marketing? or


Not having a big budget to learn digital marketing but want to learn from the best in the industry, or


If these sorts of questions are making you worried as well, then I would like to introduce you to a unique digital marketing internship called Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

Ideally, there is no need of introduction for Digital Deepak but still, I would like to mention a little about Mr Deepak Kanakraju, proudly known as Digital Deepak. Mr Deepak Kanakraju is a Consultant, Author, Speaker and Trainer in the field of digital marketing and has been in this industry since 2008. His blog DigitalDeepak.com currently ranks as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and has become a well-known brand. 

So now, I think I have been able to convince you that you will be trained by one of the best digital marketing trainers in India.


So, as I am currently part of this DDIP (Batch 4), I would like to clarify a few below mentioned questions in relation to this program.

What will you learn from this internship program?

It is a 16 weeks (12 weeks + 4 weeks) training program divided into 12 weeks of core digital marketing and 4 bonus weeks.

12 Weeks divided into 4 sections

Marketing Fundamentals

        1. Success Mindset
        2. Marketing Fundamentals
        3. Discovering Your Profitable Niche

Driving Traffic

        1. Creating your WordPress Blog
        2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
        3. Content Writing & Video Making
        4. Social Media & Networking Mastery
        5. Mastering Facebook Ads
        6. Mastering Google Ads

Lead Generation

        1. Lead Generation & Email Marketing
        2. Deep Marketing Automation

Sales & Copywriting


Bonus 4 Weeks 

        1. Personal Branding & Getting your Dream Job
        2. Affiliate Marketing and Blogging
        3. Digital Freelancing
        4. Digital Mentoring

What is so unique about this internship program?

  • 100 % money-back guarantee – You have to make a deposit of a certain amount as a security deposit. You have a 100 % money-back guarantee, i.e if you complete your assignments on time every week, you’ll get your cashback every week on its approval. 
  • Learn by doing – Here you don’t learn digital marketing by learning and mugging up some notes or just watching videos instead, you will be made to complete your assignments within the given deadline. 

Your longing to claim cashback will compel you to complete your assignment and this is what makes this internship different from others where even after paying a hefty fee gradually we lose our interest or lose track of our performance and most of the time don’t even care to finish our course.

  • 100% assignment approval guarantee – This means in case your assignment gets rejected because of incorrect answers, you will get an opportunity of resubmission. The only condition is initially the assignment shall be submitted within the prescribed deadline, also this doesn’t mean that you intentionally submit a blank or incorrect assignment just to get the deadline extended, that way you won’t be able to claim your cashback.
  • Reverse Scholarship – Unlike our traditional education system, one cannot be forced or punished to learn something in this digital era, hence, Digital Deepak came out with his new concept of internship wherein you have to prove your merit at the end of the program to claim your cashback and not in the beginning of the program. 

You see, people tend to get more motivated by the fear of losing something than by the incentive of gaining something.

What is so special about Digital Deepak and his team?

  • His Aura is felt even online – The most special thing about Digital Deepak is that he is so motivated, dedicated and productive that everyone strives to be like him and achieve like him. If you have noticed above, I would like to mention that this internship program too begins with a module regarding ‘Success Mindset’ which helps his interns to have a mindset required to be successful in life.
  • Over-delivers than what he promises – He and his team over deliver than what they actually promise. This is how he has trained his team members as well. And I am not just saying this just for the sake of saying it, I have actually seen and felt this and even you will feel the same once you become a part of his tribe. 
  • Nurtures his tribe – He nurtures his tribe members with his positive, motivational and distinctive thoughts, beliefs and habits not to make sales instead to shape your overall career and your life and that’s what he has taught us as well..
  • Timeless and distinct content – His content is timeless, you can read it anytime, even after 10 years from now be it related to digital marketing or on general topics. Here is the link to his blog where you can go through his articles.
  • Support and guidance from Digital Deepak team – Also, you will get to witness the amazing support and guidance from him and his team throughout the internship program. Whether it is for cashbacks, Q&A sessions, scheduling of  classes, etc. Before deciding on something, proper consideration is given to the requirements of the interns.

How does Digital Deepak make a profit from the Internship program when he is returning all the money?

That’s a genuine question, even I had this question in my mind when I applied for this internship program. If you see, ideally this a free internship. 

  • Building Brand by building Trust – He is not making money from this program, instead he is building our trust in him and in his brand. When he returns our money on time, we trust him more. Also, building Brand is all about building trust and that’s what he is doing.
  • Dedicated interns are subsidized by those who aren’t – Only situation wherein Digital Deepak might earn is when an intern fails to submit his assignments on time. Interns who complete all their assignments are subsidized by those who join but do not complete their assignments.

Who can enroll for this internship program?

  • Students – 1st job and career prospects are the key drivers for a student in his/her consideration for a professional course. Among various choices, digital marketing is probably the best direction for both short-term and long-term prospects. It’s not only because of the kind of salary or role offered in the digital marketing industry but also because of the level of job satisfaction in digital marketing. 
  • Entrepreneurs  – For entrepreneurs, to market their product and services, to acquire new customers and to nurture them throughout is a priority. Hence, there’s no better medium than digital media. Digital marketing also helps you in making right marketing decisions. Hence, it is one of the most critical skills every entrepreneur must acquire today.
  • Professionals – Digital marketing can add new realms to your career as you can take your profession to a whole new level and take your career to new heights. 
  • Others – These days digital marketing has become a necessity and also one can pursue digital marketing and build a career into the same and earn money through blogging, affiliate marketing, video marketing, etc. There are so many aspects in digital marekting.

This internship will make you learn the basics of everything in digital marketing and out of that you can select your micro-niche and become a ‘T-shaped’ expert.

How is my experience so far in this internship program?

As I am writing an article on this program, obviously you would also like to know my experience so far in this internship program. I promise to give an honest review of this program. 

  • Internship for Beginners – As this internship covers the basics of all the major topics of digital marketing, this is totally worth it for beginners. Even I am a total beginner with zero technical knowledge in website development or digital marketing.

One has to study and practice further so as to get hold of advanced concepts of digital marketing as this is just for beginners like me. Also, Digital Deepak might be coming up with his separate internships for all the modules wherein all the topics shall be covered in advance like SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Marketing Automation, etc.

  • Found my new talent – I found my new talent of writing articles. I had never ever thought in my entire life that I would ever be able to write an article but guess what I did it. In fact, this is my third article and I will continue writing my learnings, that’s what we have been taught by Digital Deepak.

Obviously I learned the basics of digital marketing as well, but the reason I specifically mentioned about writing articles is that even I myself was not aware of this talent of mine. I got overwhelmed when I wrote my second article on The Importance of storytelling in marketing.

Anyways, I welcome your suggestions on my article, it will help me grow. 🙂

  • Support and Guidance – As I have mentioned above as well, the Digital Deepak team is extremely co-operative and provides you with the proper guidance so as to have clarity of concepts and also to complete your assignments.
  • Got connected to an amazing tribe – After joining this internship, I got connected to my amazing fellow mates who are ever ready to help each other, be it for completing the assignments or in other aspects of life. The associations that we make here are so valuable and can continue even after the completion of this internship. This also opens our possibilities of business partnerships or associations in future.
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone – This internship is designed such that it’s assignments will surely make you step out of your comfort zone by applying the knowledge in your actual projects or website. Though it would be very basic compared to the vast ocean of digital marketing but for total beginners like me, I am sure that you will learn something new with every assignment. That too you are ideally learning this for free, even if you browse through best of the courses over the internet, you won’t find any program providing this much knowledge and support for free and along with that providing and making you capable of earning from this internship.

In case you intend or like to join this internship program, you can click here