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Do you remember scribbling at the back of your notebooks in your childhood or even unconsciously begin drawing aimlessly while speaking over call? That scribbling would probably have made you realise how creative can you be. 

Do let me know in the comments about what did you scribble the most at the back of the notebooks, I used to draw leaves and flowers and some random patterns.

Now you would think why am I even talking about this, well this creative scribbling of yours is called doodle and doodling has many cognitive and emotional benefits which I’ll elaborate further in this article.

So, I would like to take you through some introduction about ‘Doodling’.

What is Doodle?

If you Google the meaning of Doodle, it states that doodle is a rough drawing made absentmindedly. I hope now you can connect why I was asking you about the scribbling that you did at the back of your notebooks.

Now, here drawing absentmindedly would seem like an indication of distraction but researches have shown that doodling helps in improving our productivity and can be incredibly beneficial.

It is a way of putting our thoughts on paper be it in the form of a drawing or in the form of words. and expressing ourselves freely. It helps in clarifying our thought process and keeps our brain occupied in what we are learning or doing at the moment. 

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